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Additional Staffing Group is an experience and a vision of determination and an endless supply of expandable labor.

Additional Staffing Group is dedicated to meeting the needs or our clients, candidates and employees. We are motivated by their continued support and partnerships. With employees working in several states across the country, we offer a rewarding and satisfying employment experience. We have built successful and long lasting partnerships with our clients, candidates and employees and strive to make positive impacts on everyone we service. Starting with the first contact, job order filled and employment opportunities found, we want them to feel our commitment to servicing their needs.

We are dedicated to providing top notch candidates and service. We are the leaders in expandable workforce solutions be it temporary, temp to hire, contract or executive perm placement. Partnering with Additional Staffing Group, Inc. and utilizing our expandable workforce solutions as an employer will enable you to fill your positions easily, raise productivity and reach business goals. And if you are looking for that specific employment opportunity, new career path, and or exciting and rewarding job, ASG is here to help you.

Meet Our Founder

Recruiters and Operations Staff

Our Founder

Pam Owen, founder of Additional Staffing Group, Inc. is the driving force behind ASG’s organization, growth and continued success. Prior to owning ASG, Pam was the Human Resources Director for a Custom Co Packer in Eastern North Carolina, served as Branch Manager for a National Staffing and Recruitment Firm, and was the Senior On-Site Manager for a foam and cork manufacturing organization with 4 locations and over 800 employees. ASG has become one of the Triangle’s most trusted staffing and recruitment agencies, thanks in large part to Pam’s knowledge, dedication and passion to helping people find new and improved employment opportunities, assisting premier organizations with hiring an expandable workforce and giving back to her community. In addition to her guidance, Pam also provides our staff with strategic direction on a daily basis, advice on business development, and has been very successful in creating a good and wholesome place to work.

Our Recruiters

Our industry specific executive recruiters spend their days getting to know candidates and clients through networking and recruiting. Using a personalized approach in our recruiting efforts enables us to offer tailored solutions for each of our searches. Whatever the reason for your career change or job opening, our team of experienced recruiters can help make the transition a positive one.

And Operations Staff

The day to day work load is taken care of by our team of talented and dedicated administrative professionals. From our operations, payroll and research experts, our administrators help recruiters with the back office portion of running the company. Whether it’s a payroll issue, research request or a first “Hello” at the front desk, our administrative team is committed to getting the job done right the first time.


and effective response to requestsReady to guide you through the process of expansion. Our expertise is at your fingertips.

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in-depth screening processThis is a pertinent step to the foundation of a teams growth and leadership within an organization.

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employer/employee relationshipsBuilding a solid and secure commitment. Our passion to serve shows in every step we take.

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Employing people that fit






We are proud giving back to the community in which we live, and being the fore runner in offering employment opportunities to those individuals, as well as providing an outstanding expandable workforce to the premier organizations in and around our community.

Desire, Commitment, Dedication, and the Passion to succeed!

Undersatnding our clients needs is our business

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