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Our Mission

“Staffing is key to meeting our customer orders in our manufacturing environmentand it is imperative we have a relationship with a staffing agency that sees us as a partner. The personnel at Additional Staffing Group treat our requests for permanent contract and short term temporary help (some of those are very last minute) with enthusiasm and diligence, often working around the clock to make sure the best quality people are available and ready to go. Once employees are in place, Pam and the ASG team are constantly following up with our staff and managers to inquire about work performance, attendance and attitude of each and every employee working in our plant. ASG is aware of our production deadlines as well as the importance of safety and provides us with a quality work force time and time again. These are the signs of a true staffing partner. And we are proud to have such a long standing relationship with ours!“
Pam - Director of Supply Chain Management
Manufacturing Industry, Louisburg, NC

Our Clients

“A few months ago, I was out of work, bills piling up and really worried about finding employment. A friend told me about ASG. Before I knew it, I was back in the workforce and making more money than before. Thanks ASG!”
Robert, Warehouse Manager

Our Candidates

Thanks for the opportunity to compliment your efforts and for your excellent staff, with assistance on our recent corporate events. It is truly a pleasure to work with you Pam. You always listen to my needs for on-site staffing and make confident judgments on just the right professionals to best fill those positions.
The staffers from Additional have consistently shown up on time, with a positive attitude, and are extremely courteous and neat. They represent my company and my corporate clients very well. Thank you for excellent event staffing support, and I look forward to the next opportunity to partner with Additional Staffing Group.”
Meg Economy, Project Manager
Raleigh on Cue, Inc.

“Working with ASG has been a great experience!  They took the time to get to know me and what I wanted out of my career.  I felt like a priority, not just “another applicant looking for a job”.  ASG helped me find a successful rewarding position in my field. They gave me a great opportunity! “
Sarah, Marketing Director